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About us

About Luxy Bio;

Nature is our inspiration, as a Turkish cosmetic company, we represent the beauty of our products, their quality and charm globally. We design our products according to the beauty of nature and the importance of it’s continual. Everything nature produces we merely borrow, therefore we want to give in return. All of our glass and cardboard packages are recyclable. We do not harm any healthy trees in the production of our packaging materials.

Luxy Bio products do not contain: Materials produced from petrol, Silicones, Artificial essences, Chemicals, Additives, Animal based products.

We do not support the use of products which are harmful for humans or nature. You can trust and use Luxy Bio products with ease, recommending them with peace of mind. The most natural and effective way to prevent and to remove the damage time has on your skin is to use Luxy Bio. Thankyou for choosing us.