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Establishment of Luxy Bio

Establishment of Luxy Bio;

Luxy Bio, began manufacturing it’s first products in 2015. Relying on years of experience, the aim was to produce environmental friendly and natural products...

Some years ago while working on a project for cosmetics, a general survey was prepared and hundreds of people were asked for their thoughts and requirements for general skin care products.

The results and needs were carefully analyzed, the general theme was for all natural products, swaying away from the previously popular chemically based skin care goods.

To this day tens of thousands of beauty products are used without the correct knowledge that many of them are produced with and contain synthetic chemicals. Conscious users of beauty products are aware that the right products are not sourced easily. The team at Luxy Bio work to find the best natural products and to present them in the best way possible.

Advanced tests were made to use only the best of the world’s miraculous natural ingredients in the most effective and beneficial way. Two of these which have the most incredible effects were combined together with other essences from nature forming Luxy Bio beauty products. Rose and Lavander.