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Distillation Method

Distillation Method;

The production of materials used in Luxy Bio; The majority of organic materials used in Luxy Bio products are prepared using the method of distillation. The tool used during distillery is called an alembic. Copper alembics are used for the production of Luxy Bio products, they distribute heat evenly and are necessarily used for good quality essential oils. Various sized alembic boilers are used. According to the size, the correct amount of the harvested flowers and water are added, the lid is then closed. This is then covered with a cloth covered in white clay. The cooling pipe from the boiler is also wrapped in this cloth. This ensures steam does not escape. The heaters are opened and the harvested water is left to boil. The harvested steam is then left to drip out from a pipe attached to the pool into a glass pot. The pulp from the crop is removed and is recycled as fertiliser. After distillation has taken place the crop’s water is ready. (Luxy Bio use this distillised water, rich in natural essential oils, in rose and lavender waters).

The rich essential water from the first boiling is then placed into the alembic and boiled for a second time. This has to take place at a low heat or the oils will not be formed. The glass pot is thoroughly covered, oily water gathers through the pipe. The water gathered for the second time is covered in a layer of oil. This oil is then removed with a syringe. (Luxy Bio use these essential oils in the rose and lavender oils.) Using these traditional distillation methods Luxy Bio produces the raw materials needed for the finished products.