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In the Other Oils

Jojoba oil

Grown in the Mexican and Arizonan deserts, jojoba is fruit from a bush, it has been used for many years by locals to prevent moisture loss and prevent the effects of aging. This rejuvenating and softening oil is unique in that it works harmony with the skins natural sebum. The result is thoroughly moisturized skin, stabilized oil production and cleaner, healthier looking skin.

Marigold flower oil

The leaves of Marigold Flowers have been used for many years and are well known for their beauty and soothing effects on the skin. The oil produced from this plant is used for its moisturizing effects in skin care. The result is balanced and stronger skin, while protecting from sun rays and repairing damaged skin.

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is made from the fruit of wild rose trees, it’s basic oil values are rich and renew the dullest and sensitive of all skins. Containing omega 3, omega 6, vitamin A and retinol, which deeply moisturize skin and prevent the effects of wrinkles. Skin cells are renewed faster with rosehip oil.

Apricot kernel oil

The oil produced from Apricot kernels is high in vitamin A. While preventing wrinkling of the skin, it also plays a role in repairing the skin already damaged by wrinkles. The quick absorption of apricot kernel oil, results in skin which is bright and clear. Feel free to contact us

Olive oil

Used for hundreds of centuries for skin care, this amazing natural oil well known for it’s anti agin properties contains vitamins A, D, K and E. Applied to the face or body, it thoroughly cleanses skin leaving it smooth and thoroughly moisturised. This rich oil moisturises thanks to it’s omega properties and at the same time nourishes, leaving skin soft and silky smooth.