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Quality Control at Luxy Bio

Protecting and managing our quality

Our production systems are all verified and hold the TSE EN ISO 9001-2008 quality management certificate.

We aim to please the national and international customers from the cosmetic sector, to exceed all expectations and keep customer satisfaction at it’s best. We constantly find new ways to improve our quality control systems.

During research and development we give our staff the necessary training therefore we reach the freshest products to our increasing amount of customers. We are a brand who respect nature, who are always expanding and are a first in many areas of the cosmetic sector. When applying our understanding and requirements of quality, we follow your expectations from us.


Organic Agriculture;

Luxy Bio products are made using harvests from organic agriculture.



Harvests are distilled using century old methods.



Only hand harvested materials are used.



Our products will reach you in recycled packaging.